Dog of the Month: Max Weinberg

Max Weinberg is the only dog that we refer to by his full name. Neither of us know why, but it just seems fitting for him. My theory is that it’s because he’s such a goofball and always getting into trouble. Max wakes up everyday thinking this is the best day ever. Which makes it hard to be mad at him when he dive bombs for bread or suddenly flops down to wiggle around on the sidewalk. Even if you could be mad at him, he would be oblivious, so you might as well laugh it off. photo (2)

On Max’s intake form it mentioned that he sometimes had trouble with long walks especially in the heat. Now it’s hard to imagine, but he was carrying some extra weight which was taking a toll. After talking with his parents it seemed like his Manhattan walker had been hanging out with him more than walking. We decided to cut his food back and we gradually ramped up the intensity of our 1 hour walks. In the end Max lost nearly 20 lbs and now 4 years later he is more exuberant than his 1.5 year old self. 

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