Dog of the Month: Little Charlie

We started with Charlie almost 3 years ago when he was only 4 months old. Due to  Dave and Jocelyn’s unique work schedules the relationship that we have forged over the years is exactly what we sought to achieve when we started out as a dog walkers. Charlie’s parents are often working from home in the afternoon or recovering from a late night of delivering babies, which has given us an opportunity to get to know one another really well.park charlie

Charlie was a pretty amazing pup. As a 4 month old Cockapoo an hour long walk was a little to taxing for the little guy. We spent the first half of our walks outside, and after he went potty we would come back in for some training and play. Charlie proved to be a quick study and loved learning new tricks. After mastering the basics like sit and down we moved on to rollover, shake, high five, bow, speak, and spin. I have never met a puppy who loved learning more than Char and it was so much fun to surprise his parents with all the new things he was learning. I would text them the commands and hand motions that we were working on and eagerly wait to find out if he had executed them correctly with them.

Charlie grew and it came time for him to go on big boy walks with other dogs though. I think he still wishes that we could go back to the good old days when he got all that individual attention. As a very sensitive dog we often joke about setting a timer to remind us to pet him every 10 minutes just to keep his spirits up.